The Edmonton Indy was a race that was originally called the West Edmonton Mall Grand Prix.  It was based at a track at the Edmonton City Centre Airport.  It originally was in the Champ Car World Series of car racing, but eventually became part of the IndyCar series when the original series merged with it.  Other races were held at the same time as the big race, but the Edmonton Indy was the big one starting in 2005.


The race continued for the most part without issues.  The title sponsors changed and the layout of the course changed through the years.  Unfortunately after a series of poor attendance and a lack of support from the city and airport officials, the last race was run in 2012. With the support of sponsors, there may be a future Indy race in Edmonton. Obviously fans of the sport consume everything from beverages to clothing and many are car guys who appreciate a clean garage with cabinets. We hope to see you at a future track.

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